Girls Lacrosse 3rd Place Benet Academy vs. Hinsdale Central 06.18.21

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We’ve got some hardware up for grabs in the 3rd place game for girls lacrosse. The Benet Academy Redwings looks to finish off their best season ever on a high note but standing in the way are the Red Devils from Hinsdale Central.

1st Half

Starting us off early on is Benet freshman Dagny Tombaugh who fights for control before catapulting in the games first goal.

Hinsdale Central’s turn for the early reply as Charlotte Callahan finds Annette Ciupek in front of the net to give the Devils a 2-1 lead.

Central looking to extend an early lead as Avery Secola goes for the long range shot that finds the back of the net. Hinsdale up 4-1.

Benet on the attack now Dagny Tombaugh finds a wide open Karly Keating. You know the senior isn’t going to miss from that range. Wings down by 2.

Central starting to look dangerous on offense as Angie Conley gets into scoring position and puts in the goal. Red Devils push the lead to five.

Starting to really pull away now is Hinsdale Central as Sofija Buzelis is in on goal and she goes top shelf giving the Red Devils a 10-3 lead.

Finishing off the 1st half for Hinsdale Central is Angie Conley as the young sophomore shows off her spin move sending us into halftime with a 12-3 score.

2nd Half

Into the 2nd half now and Benet has pretty big hill to climb, but Maddie McAndrew gets the Wings started off early.

For the first time all game Benet is stringing some goals together. Freshman Shannon Earley gets the pass right in front of the goal and she scores. Wings down 12-5 but plenty of time remaining.

Hinsdale Central will put a stop to the Benet scoring run as Charlotte Callahan gets the Red Devils right back on the board.

No signs of slowing down once again as Angie Conley fights to the front of the net giving Hinsdale Central a 10 goal lead.

Benet looks to get one more chance late on as the speedy Shannon Earley sprints past everyone to find the netting. Redwings cut the lead to single digits.

Passing plays all night was a strong suit for Hinsdale Central as once again a pass from behind the net finds Reece Napier for another Red Devil goal.

A wrap around goal from Avery Secola closes out this girls lacrosse 3rd place match with Hinsdale Central winning by a score of 18-6. Loyola is the 2021 state girls lacrosse champion with a win over Glenbrook South. Benet Academy finishes the best season in school history with the 4th place trophy and a 19-4 record.

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