Girls Lacrosse Naperville North vs. Naperville Central 05.26.21

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Naperville North girls lacrosse takes the short trip to Central for a crosstown battle of supremacy before the playoffs. This highlight is presented by BMO Harris Bank.

We’re at Naperville Central High School for some DVC girls lacrosse as the Redhawks host the Huskies of Naperville North

The Huskies looking to get off to a hot start out of the gates, accomplish just that….Anneliese Hanson cuts through the Redhawk defense and bounces in a goal, 1-0 Huskies

Moments later, the Huskies already up 2-0…are on the run again…this time it’s Samantha Muller finding the back of the net for North….the Huskies take a 3-0 lead,

The Redhawks need some goals..and quick…Alexie Romanelli comes to the rescue as she sprints towards the net here and scores, this is her second straight goal, Central down just 1, 3-2

The Huskies look to respond…Olivia Duda makes a great cut to find an opening and she delivers with a goal for the Huskies, this one puts North up 5-2 early in the half

Central trying to stay in it early, down 6-2, Eliana Bendes is able come up with a big score here for Central. The Redhawks cut the deficit to 3, 6-3

Back come the Huskies, Maddie Wertz picks up the loose ball and makes a terrific move to get this shot off and she is able to find the back of the net, the Huskies just pouring it on, on the offense end…now lead 9-4

Still in 1st half action here and the huskies are still on the attack….Ella Marshitz makes a great pass to Kate Burritt who makes a great shot to the bottom corner of the net. What a display by the Huskies in this first half

Central with it now and Isabelle Hornig tricks everyone with this move from behind the net, much needed goal for the Redhawks, they now trail 13-6

Final moments of the first half and the Huskies still have their foot on the gas…Maddie Wertz scores another one for the Huskies, this would be their 15th goal..of the half! Huskies lead 15-6

2nd half action now and the Redhawks are turning it on a bit…a great catch and score by Eliana Bendez gets Central their 10th goal, they trail 19-10

Moments later some more great offense by the Redhawks as Alexie Romanelli finds Isabelle Hornig who is able to get this shot off after a fantastic spin move…Central down 8 , 19-11

In the end the Huskies were just too much in this one….Amayah McDermott puts the finishing touches on this game and the Huskies defeat their rival on the road…21-11 is your final

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