Girls Swimming Benet Academy vs. Metea Valley 10.15.20

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It’s the calm before the storm in the pool for Metea Valley Girls Swimming. The Mustangs are looking to grind out one more win before the DVC meet this weekend. Benet Academy awaits and is rocking the pink swim cap for breast cancer awareness month.

50 Backstroke

Let’s start with the 50 yard backstroke and it’s Benet’s Maura Fitzgerald with the late push giving her the race with a time of 28 seconds — one second ahead of Metea’s Allison Leslie.

50 Breaststroke

To the 50 yard breaststroke. Benet’s Tabith Torres has a nice lead going into the final stretch and in the end takes the race with a time of 32 seconds.

200 Free

Let’s dive into a longer race, the 200-yard freestyle — and here come the Mustangs. It’s Emily Schalk pulling away and taking the race with a time of 21.5 seconds just 4 tenths of a second ahead of teammate Sarah Rush.

50 Free

Back the 50 — this time the freestyle and the Mustangs gets more help as it’s Amanda Schmitt grinding it out in a neck and neck battle. She takes the race just 17 tenths of a second ahead of teammate Kaelia Hughes.

100 Butterfly

To the 100 yard butterfly and back comes the Red Wings as Sophia Gastolek is grinding through a close race. She powers her way to the finish line in first place with a time of 1 minute and 3 seconds. Gastolek also wins the 50-yard butterfly.

100 Free

100-yard freestyle and it’s Shalk again, this time in the middle of the pack but pulls away in the end winning her second race of the day with a time of 58 seconds.

100 Backstroke

Finally, to the 100-yard backstroke and I’d say Fitzgerald is the queen when it comes to the backstroke. This is the Redwings’ second backstroke win of the day as she takes the crown in a little more than a minute.

However with many Metea top 5 finishes and a Benet disqualification the Mustangs pull it out 101-75.

Metea Valley Girls Swimming Wins

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