Girls Tennis Naperville Central vs. Benet Academy 09.22.20

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Just a perfect day to be on the courts at St. Scholastica as Benet Academy girls tennis hosts Naperville Central.

One Doubles

A great matchup at one doubles, Alicia Chen and Katie Liu from the Redhawks against Kaitlyn Lee and Felicity Kolb from Benet Academy.

Lee serving in the far court, returned by Chen. A few lobs back and forth between Lee and Chen until Kolb gets her racket out and the ball just dies when it hits the court. Great reaction as the Redwings roll in set one.

Kolb serving now in the near court, Katie Liu with the return, Lee tries to get the quick smash, but Liu able to send it back. Kolb heads towards the net and Liu spins a lob over her head that could not be placed more perfectly. Central takes a 4 games to 3 advantage in set number two.

Kolb serving late in the set, the junior unleashes a rocket via backhand. Liu is able to recover but Kaitlyn Lee smashes home the point as Benet picks up the win 6-0, 6-4.

Two Doubles

Two doubles brings another competitive matchup as Shae Yendrek and Leah Symanski chat with Coach Girgis while facing Claire Converse and Jaclyn Mehring.

Symanski serving in the near court to Jaclyn Mehring, they share a few volleys before Yendrek steps in and makes some great plays at the net as her final smash just eludes the reach of Claire Converse. Redhawks take the first set 7-6.

Converse serving now in set two, Leah Symanski with the return but Converse rushes the net and powers a shot that Yendrek can’t corral. Redwings take set two 6-4.

Into the tiebreaker as Symanski serves. All four players getting involved as Mehring forces Symanski into a tough backhand return. Converse then smashes the point home as Benet takes the tiebreaker 10-5 for the victory.

Three Singles

Let’s play some singles tennis as Nathra Ramrajvel Naythra Ram-raj-vail from Naperville Central takes on Benet’s Riley Conway.

Ramrajvel with the tough serve, nice job by Conway just to get it back over. The Redwing is able to return each shot, eventually forcing one that just sails wide for the point.

But Ramrajvel able to gain control from there, the Redhawk junior gets her counterpart to chase the ball around the court, eventually a strong well placed backhand forces an error from Conway. Ramrajvel wins 6-4, 6-3.

Two Singles

Next court over with two singles. Meredith Green of Benet facing off with Central’s Rebecca Jacobs.

Green serving in the near court, Jacobs sends back a return but Green uses a strong forehand that gets through for the point.

Jacobs serving now and this is a good one as she forces Green to jump back for her return, which does not get over the net. Point for Jacobs.

Jacobs serving again but Green is ready this time with another great cross court return for the point. She wins it in straight sets.

One Singles

Finally over to number one singles as Mira Patel taking on the always dangerous Daniella Nenadovich.

Nenadovich with a one set lead already as Patel serves, it takes a high bounce as Nenadovich puts a little too much mustard on the return as Patel earns the point.

Patel serving again and Nenadovich just gets so much power on her shots, Patel is able to get to some of them, but no chance on this last one.

Match point as Patel serves, Nenadovich switches things up and lobs her return just over the net. Patel can’t quite get there in time and the Redwing secures the two set victory. Benet takes the tennis team win over Naperville Central as well by the score of 5-2.


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