Girls Tennis Naperville Central vs. Metea Valley 10.02.20

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One day after being rained out, Metea Valley hosts its final regular season conference girls tennis match up of the season as they welcome the Naperville Central Redhawks. Both squads are prepping for the DVC tournament beginning next Friday

One Singles

Meera Baid faces Teah Rupp in the first singles matchup. Rupp is unable to return this forehand from Baid. Later on, Baid smashes a backhand right by Rupp. Baid wins in two sets as that backhand was outstanding all day.

Two Singles

Teammate Sangita Siva was also in control in two singles. Siva fights off the serve from Mira Patel and forces a mistake.

One of the best volleys of the day goes back and forth between these two, Siva with a nice forehand but Patel somehow gets to it and lofts a return that hits the back line for the point.

Next set, Patel serving again but Siva is ready and sends it right back across the court. Siva also takes the match victory in two sets.

Three Singles

Nathra Ramrajvel faces off with Alisha Arya in the third singles match. Arya’s return is caught in the net giving Ramrajvel the point. Arya drops the first set 6-1, but battles back and wins the next two 7-5, 10-6 thanks to shots like this. The Mustangs win all three varsity singles matches.

Two Doubles

Leah Symanski and Shae Yendrek take on Reese Quival and Varsha Murali in the second doubles match. The Mustangs are unable to return a forehand from Symanski, giving the Redhawks the point. The Mustang’s bounce back after Murali sends a forehand shot across the court. Symanski serving now, the Mustangs fight off the intial serve but send the next one into the net, Symanksi and Yendrek take the win in two sets.

One Doubles

Mayling Alonso and Rikita Patel took on Katie Liu and Alicia Chen in the first doubles match. Here, Katie Liu’s backhand is too hot for Patel to handle, Redhawks point. A bit later, Patel responds with a backhand of her own, just bouncing past Alicia Chen. The Redhawks duo prevails in the third set. Alonso’s serve is returned down the line and out of reach for match point. A great girls tennis meet as Naperville Central narrowly defeats Metea Valley 4-3 thanks to a sweep of the four doubles matches.

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