Girls Tennis Naperville North vs. Benet 09.09.20

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It’s always a fun matchup when Naperville North and Benet Academy meet up for a girls tennis match. This year the Redwings play host at St. Scholastica.

2 Singles

Let’s being with 2 singles where Benet’s Meredith Green takes on Tiffany Cheng from North. Cheng serving in the near court, a few lobs back and forth until Cheng uses a strong two handed backhand to earn the point.

Cheng serving once again. Eventually she plays closer to the net, but a strong shot from Green crosses her up leading to a shot into the net. Meredith Green takes the two set win 6-3, 6-2.

2 Doubles

On to number two doubles Simran Desai and Mia Fernandez for the Huskies against Jaclyn Mehring and Claire Converse from Benet. Desai serving in set one, Claire Converse gets a little help from the net on her return as it drops over for the point. Redwings take the set 6-3.

Fernandez and Desai start the 2nd set on the right foot, Fernandez serves and Desai places her return perfectly in the corner for the point.

The Redwings go on a run from there, a nice volley back and forth on this point with all four players involved, eventually Converse with the All Star backhand that she keeps between the lines. Benet takes it 6-3, 6-3.

1 Singles

Julie Majcher from Naperville North squaring off with one of the best singles players in the area at number one singles, Daniella Nenadovich. The Redwing senior serving in set number two and she uses her forehand to keep Majcher off balance for the point.

Majcher with a nice serve that has enough spin to throw Nenadovich off just enough, forcing the error as the Huskie takes the game.

But Nenadovich letting her experience take over, crosscourt backhands this strong from this distance are almost unfair. It’s a two set win for Benet 6-0, 6-1.

1 Doubles

One of the most anticipated matchups sees 2019 1A state doubles champion Kaitlyn Lee and new partner Felicity Kolb against state qualifiers Irene and Tiffany Zhang from North. Some great volleys right off the bat with Kolb serving in the near court. Back and forth it goes until a strong shot from Kolb is just out of reach for Irene Zhang, point for Benet.

Tiffany Zhang serving now and it’s Irene with the quick response, splitting the Huskies for the point and a 6-1 opening set win.

North clicks into gear in the second set, Tiffany Zhang with a lob into the open spot on the court for the point that completes the two set victory. A close matchup as usual but Benet takes the 4-3 team win thanks to victories in one and two singles and two and three doubles.

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