Girls Tennis Naperville North vs. Waubonsie Valley 10.07.20

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Naperville North Girls Tennis welcomes Waubonsie Valley as a challenger on the road, dominating the Warriors in the DVC matchup.

After a rainout last week we go again today on a much nicer today, as Naperville North travels to Waubonsie Valley for the last conference match before the DVC meet this weekend.

#1 Singles goes to Naperville North Girls Tennis

Our first match of the night is #1 singles as WVs Ana Cuetos takes on NNs Ava Heshelman. On this rally WVs Ana Cuetos with a nice shot to the outside that Heshelman cant get to, giving the Warrior the point.

Hitting a nice backhand shot to the right side of court is WVs Ana Cuetos giving her the point.

Off of a ball that was hit up into the air NNs Ava Heshelman takes advantage of that and hits a shot behind Cuetos giving the Huskie the point.

Hitting a strong shot to the outside after a decent rally is WVs Ana Cuetos giving her the point.

Hitting a great shot to the outside of the court giving Heshelman no chance is WVs Ana Cuetos, point Warrior.

After a really good rally NNs Ava Heshelman hits a shot that Cuetos cant handle giving the Huskie the win in 3 sets. 6-4, 4-6 and 6-5.

#2 Singles

Next up is #2 singles between NNs Julie Majcher and WVs Tayla Ertas. After a long back and forth rally NNs Julie Majcher drops in a low shot that the Warrior cant get to. Point for Majcher.

Most of this match will be long rallies, and in this long rally WVs Tayla Ertas hits a shot that the Huskie cant handle.

When I said most of these points are long rallies, I wasn’t kidding. Here’s another long rally between these two that eventually ends when the Huskie gets caught at the net giving the Warrior a free court to finish the rally. Point for Ertas.

Ending on another long rally the point finally gets decided when the Ertas cant return the ball giving Majcher the point and the 2 set win by scores of 6-1 6-5.

#1 Doubles

Our last match of the day is #1 doubles between NNs Tiffany and Irene Zhang and WVs Elena Morton and Rubiah Sami. Off of the WV serve Tiffany Zhang hits a strong low return that the WV duo cant handle. Point for the Huskies.

After some quick action the ball finds the racket of Tiffany Zhang at the net who smashes in a point for the Huskie duo.

Catching the Huskie duo off guard and hitting a shot to the outside for a point is WVs Elena Morton.

A common theme in this match would be Tiffany Zhang meeting the ball at the net and smashing home points, well this play was no different. She would hit home another strong point giving the duo the 2 set win by scores of 6-1 6-1.

Naperville North would end up sweeping Waubonsie 7-0 in the last conference meet before the DVC meet.

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