Hannah Martin Leads the Charge for Naperville North Soccer

April 28, 2019
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This week’s Player Profile is spotlighted on Naperville North Girls Soccer Junior Hannah Martin, brought to you by Edgewood Clinical Services. 

Martin Climbed the Ladder

Naperville North Junior Hannah Martin shocked soccer coach Steve Goletz last year, “Obviously never would have expected, I don’t think anybody would have, that she would have the impact that she had last year.”

Last year was Martin’s first year as a varsity player. Only a sophomore, Goletz and Martin both thought she would have to fight for playing minutes… Instead Martin ended up leading the team in goals that year, helping the team finish third in the state tournament.

“I think going into varsity as a sophomore, I was a little nervous, I figured I wouldn’t be starting every game or I wouldn’t get as much playing time as I did but I think, especially with the older mentors and who graduated this past year, I think they really made me comfortable and let me really be able to play and not feel nervous and I just had a lot of confidence out there,” says Martin.

Junior Year Accomplishments

16 goals worth of confidence, which has carried over into this year where Martin is just one of three returning starters and is a top scorer again. But even with the small amount of varsity returners, Martin feels she is in good company, “I mean it’s great. We have so many big contributors on the team this year with Maddy going to Wisconsin and Reilly going to Northwestern. I think as long as we work together, especially all the upperclassmen I think we can do big things this year.”

Another surprising fact about Martin: she doesn’t focus on soccer year round. She picks up the clubs in the fall, playing for the North girls golf team.

“The scary part with Hannah is that she hasn’t been a full time soccer kid with her ability of golf,” Goletz says.

“Well I got in to golf because my dad loves golf so I grew up playing golf, I think I’ve been playing since I was like 6 or 5 maybe so I think playing two sports gives me a balance and I think that’s great because one season I get to do one thing and I know I’m not always focused so I won’t burn out and I just like having a balance of different sports and they are not anywhere in the same spectrum so I think it’s really fun.”

It’s no coincidence that the golf team has also ventured down to state with Martin as well who focuses on two very different sports but excels at both.

Her coach thinks she can go far, “I think that sky’s the limit for her and I think that’s what is so special about her.”

One can assume that with the year or so Martin has left, she will probably shock a few more people before her seasons come to a close.

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