Lindblom vs. Benet Academy Girls Soccer 5.15.19

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First round of Girls Regional Soccer Action and we get Benet Academy facing off against Lindblom at Hinsdale South in the Semifinals.

First Half

Benet already up 1 in the 3rd minute and Redwings looking to score early score often, Abby Casmere off the lead from Mia Tommasone passes one past the goalie to double the wings lead 2-0.

Three nil now with in 13th minute, Mia Tommasone grabs the goal with an assist from Mia Ullmar, 4-0 Wings leading.

This is a fun one… fifteen minutes until half time, Senior Goalie Eva Frantzen playing in the game… she gets a goal which ensues celebration. Benet up 7-0 now.

Benet up 8-0 now, Kayla Brannigan gets in on the fun with some fancy footwork, finding twine at the end of it. Benet up 10-0 at the break.

Second Half

Into the second half and Benet still leading by 13, Gracie Chalkey hits a cross field goal to add on to the massive win for the wings, 14-0 the final. Benet moves on to play Hinsdale South in the Regional Finals.

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