Meet the Neuman Siblings at Neuqua Valley

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The Neuqua Valley Tennis Teams have three kids on the roster all with the same last name. Hear more about the Neuman’s in this feature presented by Edward Medical Group. 

A lot of kids remember when they started playing their first sport… for Eddie Neuman, it was at age 2.

Eddie’s dad is more than just a coach. He was an NCAA athlete at Oklahoma State where he competed in #1 singles and #1 doubles. Now he is a tennis pro and Rush Copley. His three children, Hannah, Eddie, and Alex all followed in his footsteps, picking up tennis racquets and playing at Neuqua Valley.

Hannah: Parents have always supported us and let us sign up for any tournament and that’s really great.

Hannah, Alex, and Eddie, have a lot in common besides just tennis and being siblings… They all share the same birthday. Being triplets that all play the same sport competitively can create sibling rivalry, but it also has it’s advantages for the Neuman’s.

Alex: Eddie pushes him to play harder. Heated rival but positive and help each other.

Eddie: Alex hasn’t beaten me in like three years so I would rather play against him in singles.

The triplets are all looking at different schools in different states for next year, which according to Hannah, upsets one of their biggest supporters, their mom.

Hannah: “Yeah, she’s sad.”

But the love that this family shares for tennis will always bring them back together, no matter how far away they travel for school.

Alex: We always play as a family and try to beat our dad. We haven’t done it in a while but it runs in the family. Even our grandparents play.

In hopes of one day, maybe teaming up and beating their dad on the courts.

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