Metea Valley boys tennis earns a tight senior night win over Naperville Central

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Metea Valley boys tennis defeats Naperville Central on Senior Night after both teams compete in multiple tiebreakers. This highlight is sponsored by BMO Harris Bank.

Naperville Central boys tennis travels to Metea Valley where the Mustangs are celebrating senior night one week before the DVC tournament championships begin. Both teams looking for momentum heading into the post season.

Mustangs looking strong in singles play

Starting off with one singles where Akshay Baid from Metea Valley faces Rohan Jha from Naperville Central.

Baid is serving in the far court. Jha uses a return to force Baid to slide to his left for a lob, allowing Jha to charge and fire back the point. The Redhawk with the early lead.

However, the Mustang turns things around. Baid moving closer to the net as this point goes along. Rha with a forehand that Baid sends back before smashing down a backhand lob. Baid wins in two sets, 6-2, 6-4.

The two singles matchup pits Mustang freshman Ameya Tyagi and Central sophomore Emil Nehan.

In the opening set, Nehan takes the Tyagi serve and sends some nice returns, including a lunging forehand that dips after crossing over the net, forcing the error from Tyagi.

Tyagi taking control later in the set. Some good returns from the near court now as Tyagi shows off the touch. The Mustang pops the ball over Nehan’s head and goes on to win in straight sets 6-2, 6-1.

Metea looking for a singles sweet with Jack Jordan going up against Jason Xu from Naperville Central.

This is a competitive matchup throughout with both players taking control at different points. Xu with a point in set one with a well placed backhand he sends back over while playing at the net.

After winning the first set, Jack Jordan now looks to put things away. A lengthy volley goes back and forth as the opponents feel each other out. After sending over a backhand, Jordan charges and quickly fires a shot into the corner for the point. Jordan takes the win 6-4, 6-3.

Three of four doubles matchups decided by tiebreakers

The doubles matchups were even more competitive. We jump to one doubles where Jash Kadakia and Aadit Gandhi from Metea Valley face Vincent Yin and Daniel Rabinovich from Central.

Rabinovich serving in the near court. The senior with a hard line drive return right down the line for the point. It’s the Redhawks who take set one 7-5.

Gandhi with a serve in the second set in the near court now. He goes back and forth with Rabinovich for a few volleys before Kadakia jumps in near the net. Kadakia then sweeps the ball over to the side for the point. Metea wins set two 6-4 to force a ten-point tiebreaker.

Vincent Yin serving in the far court and it’s a good one as Kadakia does not have time to get much on his return. Rabinovich steps in for the smash and the point.

Metea Valley leading late in the tiebreaker. Yin with the serve and Gandhi sends in back. Yin with a backhand lob but Kadakia goes high for the left handed smash that bounces down and over everyone’s head for the point. The Mustangs win the tiebreaker 10-7 to eke by for the one doubles victory.

The Mustangs secure the team victory in a hard fought two doubles clash

In two doubles, it’s another back and forth matchup with Peter Paik and Jeremy Zhao from Naperville Central against Pranav Swaminathan and Mihir Arya from Metea Valley.

Zhao serving in the opening set for the Redhawks in the far court. Paik with some great backhands at the net to both sides of the court to earn the point. Zhao and Paik take the first set 6-3.

Arya with a serve in the near court, Paik is forced to move left and lob it back, allowing Swaminathan to land a smash for the point. Metea takes the second set 6-4.

Arya with a serve to Paik, Swaminathan sends the low return back over, but Jeremy Zhao with a great two handed forehand that touches the line. Point for the Redhawks.

Paik with the cutting serve that Arya sends back. Swaminathan with a leaping overhand return that drops in. Central can not get it back over. Metea Valley wins the tiebreaker 10-4 and the overall team victory 6-1.

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