Metea Valley girls tennis sweeps doubles over Waubonsie Valley

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Girls’ tennis action continues at Waubonsie Valley. The Warriors welcome in Metea Valley as both teams currently sit with a 1-0 record in the DVC. This highlight is sponsored by BMO.

Metea wins one doubles in two sets

 Starting with one doubles between Sarina Saleem and Sophia Cahue facing off against Sofia Parranto and Sriya Rota. The pairs go back and forth in this rally until Sriya Rota finishes off the play with a point. 

The Mustang duo comes right back as Sarina Saleem picks up a service ace. They win the first set 6-1. 

The second set was closer but it came to an end when Sofia Parranto couldn’t return the ball giving Saleem and Cahue the 6-4 set two win.

 The Mustangs sweep the doubles matches 

Moving down the court to two doubles between Aarna Raghavapudi and Cossette Cannell against Anna Buchenauer and Avery Denius. The Mustang duo wins the first set 6-1. 

Later on in the second set Anna Buchenauer and Cossette Cannell go back and forth until Avery Denius meets the ball at the net for the point. The Warriors respond with a 6-4 set-two win.

Match point in the third set for the Metea duo. Like last play, this rally is between two players but this time it’s Aarna Raghavapudi and Avery Denius. It comes to an end when Denius’s return barely goes out of bounds. The Mustang duo wins the third set 6-2. 

One singles is decided in three sets 

We join one singles as Sangita Siva and Isha Srinivasan are currently in a tiebreaker to decide the first set in which the Warrior finishes on top winning the first set 7-6. 

The second set was all Sangita Siva as she dominates the set winning in 6-0 fashion forcing a third set. 

Into the third. The two go back and forth in this rally until Srinivasan drops a shot just in front of the net that Siva can’t return. 

Match point now for Siva. The rally comes to an end when Srinivasan’s backhand shot hits the net giving Sangita Siva the 6-2 set three win.  

Metea Valley sweeps the doubles matches giving the Mustangs the 5-2 win over Waubonsie Valley.

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