Metea Valley girls volleyball comes from behind to win in three sets over Naperville North

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Girls volleyball is in the dog pound at Naperville North as the Huskies go up against Metea Valley. Both teams are looking for a win after tough three-set losses this past Tuesday. This highlight is sponsored by BMO.

The match serves off with Metea Valley’s Olivia Stewart going for the kill and scoring the early point for the Mustangs.

Mustangs start their climb

 The Mustangs keep rolling as Camille Morrison also goes in for the kill. Metea Valley trailing 7-4 in the early going.

 Naperville North maintains the lead. Although the Mustangs are able to fend off the point but Bella Fleurima jumps up and tries again, this time delivering the kill to make it 8-4.  

The Mustangs are still battling as the first set continues, and so is Maddie Hopkins as she finishes the point with a kill off the Addison Torain assist.

Huskies pull away to take set one

It’s 15-14 North, but that score changes to 16-14 in favor of the Huskies with a Leah Norris kill.

Norris is at it again for North as she jumps up to spike the ball and extend a 21-16 lead for the Huskies.

The Huskies are on a roll in the first set as Paige Selman sets up Norris who goes for the set point win with a tap over that finds its mark. The Huskies take the set with a score of 25-20.

 The Mustangs are looking to rebound early in set two and they do thanks to Maddie Hopkins going in for the kill.

The Mustangs continue to score with the help of Camille Morrison who also goes in for a point of another assist from Torain.

 Huskies are trailing by one until Simi Kapustova jumps up to tie the match at 5-5 with a kill.

 Dogs build up a 14-10 lead, but Metea Valley has Hopkins on its side for another kill to shift the momentum back to the black and gold.

Black and gold wake up

 The competition is still going for the Mustangs and Morrison goes in for another kill to score another tally for the Mustangs, who have evened things up late in the set.

 Mustangs take a 25-24 lead and Morrison tries to score for the Mustangs, but the Huskies are able to bounce back with the help from Liz Rossi to tie the 2nd set at 25-25. What a dig from Bella Fleurima to keep the ball alive.

It’s 26-25 Mustangs and Ava Guzaski serves for the Mustangs. It’s an ace to win the 2nd set so lets play three.

Metea Valley runs away in set three

The Mustangs take a 8-1 lead at the start, and it turns into a 9-1 lead with Hopkins jumping for a huge kill.

The Mustangs continue to lead the set, but Allison Higgs, Norris and Rossi combine to quickly knab a point for Naperville North, looking to claw back into the match.

But the Huskies can not find their footing in the third set. Sydney Kushner sends a return too far over the line, resulting in the Mustangs getting the final point of the 3rd set. Metea Valley go on to win the 3rd set 25-13 and the match in come from behind fashion.

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