Metea Valley vs. Naperville North Girls Bowling 1.7.20

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Fox Bowl the site.. Naperville North and Metea Valley bowling in their first dual of the new year… and prepare yourself for some high scores with the Huskies and Mustangs hunting for some turkeys.

First Game

We open with the very first frame of the match – North’s Shannon Kosirog getting the dual off on the right foot, knocking down all 10.

Metea’s Meredith Olef will do one better – remember that turkey I was talking about. The Mustang begins her day with a little gobble gobble. 268 first game score.

Metea’s Sidney Lewis looking to follow suit in her fourth frame – she gets the solid hook and rolls a strike.

We find ourselves on the final frame of game one with Jessica Lowe of Naperville North… and she keeps the Huskies in it with a strike. Her 475 series second best on the team.

Second Game

To the second game… frame five for Metea’s Alissa Raboine… and after three straight spares, she nabs the strike.

Speaking of Mustangs knocking down all the pins… Alicia Anton has been a steady force for years – and again on this day. 555 series.

Back to Olef who is on a serious hot streak… like… 9 in a row, hot streak. She buries another to cap her second game. 10 streak means a crazy high 280 game and an 810 series. And the celebration game is on point too…

Third Game

Tough to top that but here’s game 3’s 5th frame for Deanna Fields… and she knocks em all down en route to a 432 day.

But Metea crushes it on this day… as Raboine closes her day with 6 straight strikes. Metea wins by more than 700 pins