Metea Valley vs Naperville North Girls Volleyball 10.1.19

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The Metea Valley mustangs, coming off tournament action from over the weekend travel to face off against Naperville North. The huskies look to get back on the winning path after dropping two DVC games to Waubonsie and Central.

First Half

And north starts early with a 1 2 3 to Kara OxenKnecht for the kill. Putting the blue and orange up 3-1.

Few points alter, Meteas serve throws the huskies out of system and they send a free ball over. The mustangs then get a chance to win the point but instead, the huskies defense at the net gets the block for the point, up 4-2.

But metea keeps the game close as Regan Holmer sets up Maura Pilafas for the kill to tie the game up at 5s.

Later in the first set, North pulling ahead again as Oxenknecht gets another kill. Naperville North leading 12-9.

The Huskies seem to have found their groove late in the first set as Riya Savsani gets the ace, extending the huskies lead to 6.

And then they will grab the first set W off an ace thanks to Ashley Kushner, 25-14.

Second Set

In to the second set and Metea not giving in just yet. They tie the game up early Gabriela Zawadzki finds space.

But north again puls in to the lead thanks to the block party lead by Ellie Hall, 6-4 North.

Later in the second set, north on the attack but it’s dug out by Morgan Rank and then mustang Maura Pulafas tips the ball over for the point, trailing by just 2.

But North’s serves came to play this game as Anna Jaworski gets two aces nearing the end of the second set, putting the huskies up 22-16.

And then north puts the match away as Rachel Rahtz gets the cross court kill to go as the huskies get back to their winning ways over Metea Valley 25-16, 25-14.

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