Metea Valley vs Naperville North Girls Volleyball 10.29.19

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Regional Semi-Final Volleyball action at Oswego High School has two DVC schools pitted against each other. Metea Valley facing off against the Huskies from Naperville North. The winner moves on to face Plainfield North.

First Set

These two teams have seen each other a few times throughout the season, and North’s defense knows a lot of the mustangs moves as Ellie Hall and Rachel Rahtz throw a block party to put north in the lead 5-4.

Little later in the first set and a little bit of a longer rally as both teams vie for the point. Metea Valley tries to stay alive but Eva Hartung hits hard enough in to the block that it finds a spot on the floor for the huskies point, leading 14-9.

The mustangs start clicking later in the first set. Keira Jannisch gets the much needed set in the middle to find space in the back for the mustang point, trailing 19-13.

A few points later and Mustangs continue crawling back. Jannisch goes for another kill but the huskies dig it out. Ondrus gets the back sit the second time around for another Metea point, trailing 20-15.

North’s defense makes another appearance on set point as Hall and Anna Jaworski finish it off with another block party, taking the first set 25-17.

Second Set

North leading in the second set early on and Hall continues her success even after a longer rally. Her first attempt is dug out but her second attempt hits home as North leads 8-6.

Mustangs not going down though. Ondrus with the strong kill that ricochets off of the ceiling and then hits the floor to cut in to the mustangs lead.

Later in the first set and North just keeps on grinding as Kara Oxenknecht gets the feed for the kill. 13-9 North.

North continues rolling as they make a great save on defense, sending the free ball back over to the mustangs, they go for the attack but again great defense sets up Jaworski for the tip over to push the huskies closer to the win.

Huskies would put the game away though as Kara Oxenknecht sends North to the regional finals with one of her four kills on the night. The huskies move on to the Regional Finals against Plainfield North.

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