Metea Valley vs. Neuqua Valley Softball 4.22.19

April 23, 2019
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Little conference softball action as the 8-5 Metea Valley Mustangs travel to Neuqua Valley to face off against the Wildcats who are 9 and 5 on the year.

First Inning

Bottom of the first runner at third, Neuqua’s Abby Meeks slaps a single to right for the opening score of the game.

Second Inning

Top of the 2nd now and Metea has two runners in scoring positions. Moira Danko tries to lay down the bunt but it doesn’t get far. Carina Martinez gets the out at home, saving the run and ending the inning.

Nuequa up again in the 2nd with a runner one second with no outs. Bailey Clarke hits a homer to left field to brings neuqua lead up 3-0.

Still the bottom of the second, runner on first now. Kylie Boehmke follows suit by hitting her own 2 run shot. Neuqua extending their lead 5-0.

Third Inning

Top of the third and Metea still trying to get on the board with the bases juiced. Madi Pfeiffer hits a bouncer to short but the throw is over gets based the second baseman and metea capatitalizes on the errors scoring 2 runs, 5-2 now.

Couple of batters later, still top of the third. Starting pitcher Nevaeh Cruz hits one to second and again Neuqua has trouble fielding the ball allowing Metea to bring in another, just trailing by 2 now.

Neuqua up in the third now, Kelsey O’Connor quickly answering metea’s runs by showing off her strength with a homer to center.

Next batter up is Bailey Clarke who says anything you can do I can do better and hits her second home run of the day, Neuqua up 7-3.

It’s the home run show here in the third inning. The Wildcats hit 3 homers in the third to score 6 runs.. this one courtesy of Sophia Remsik. The wildcats score another 4 in the 4th inning before the game gets called, 15-3 the final.