Metea Valley vs. Waubonsie Valley Baseball 4.24.19

April 25, 2019
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Conference baseball action has the warriors, who sit at 8 and 11 on the year, hosting the mustangs who are venturing down the right path at 16 and 3.

2nd Inning

Top of the second and Metea’s Sam Labarbera slices a singlet o left to bring in Tony Lampise, Metea striking first up 1-0.

Third Inning

Bottom of the third and the Warriors would like to get going, but the problem is that Brandon Sfika’s is on his game tonight. He grabs a strike out to keep metea in the lead 1-0.

Fifth Inning

Bottom of the fifth now and the warriors are still looking for their first hit. Jim Keppler is able to connecrt on a single up the middle to get on.

Ryan Mutz is able to keep the warriors cooking. He sets down a bunt to move runners to first and third.

Next up is Max Hayden who comes through with a duble over the center fielders head, two runs score to put waubonsie in the lead 2-1.

Sixth Inning

Bottom of the sixth now, no one on no one out, Sfikas gets some help from Kmiecek at short, diving for the stop to get the out and rob Wong of the hit.

Still bottom of the sixth, and Waubonsie has the bases juiced, looking to add on but Sfikas is able to get the huge strike out to keep it a one run game.

Seventh Inning

Top of the 7th and it’s last chance now for the mustangs. Alex Lemmons picks off Dylan Wrona at first for the first out.

And then Lemmons looks to close it out and he does, striking out Sfikas to end it. With the completely game with 7 strike outs and just one run given up.