Metea Valley vs Waubonsie Valley Boys Basketball 1.24.20

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Little valley school match up on Friday night as the Waubonsie Valley honors Marcus Skeete for having over 1,000 points and 500 rebounds before facing off against the 8-11 mustangs from metea valley.

First Quarter

Metea with a 2-0 lead over the warriors early… that is until Adri Malushi takes the triple from distance. Warriors now lead 3-2 early in the first.

WV moving the ball well with 4 minutes left in the first. Malushi feeds the ball to Ben Schwieger who gets the short jumper to fall. 5-2 bonsie.

Metea also getting the ball where it needs to go. Kymari McBride gets the ball to Tahj Morgan in the paint who then lays it in to tie the game up with 2 minutes left in the 1st.

Mustangs really starting to connect at the end of the first. Myles Leavy gives the ball away and then gets it right back and hits the three point for Metea to take the lead 16-13 at the end of 1.

Second Quarter

Beginning of the second quarter and mustangs showing off their skills. They get the steal and then McBride takes it to the hoop for the dunk, Metea leading 23-18 after that show.

Waubonsie Valley in the lead by 1 later in the second quarter but metea… not messing around. Leavy catches and shoots the three ball. Metea once more in control 28-26.

Back and forth battle continues as WV responds quickly. Marcus Skeete assists Tyler Helbing for the three as the warriors retake the lead 29-28.

Next time down the floor, Justin Starks trying to lay it in, it doesn’t fall but luckily Helbing is their to tap the ball in. 31-30 WV narrowly in control.

Third Quarter

In to the third quarter and this game is moving fast. After a missed Metea lay up, Marcus Skeete throws the ball across the court to Isaiah Smith to slam it home. Warriors extend their lead 41-35.

One minute left in the third, Waubonsie’s Ben Schwieger charges in to coverage, spins, and lays the ball up and into the hoop.. warriors lead 50-37 at the end of the third.

Fourth Quarter

In to the fourth quarter and Schwieger still pushing hard in to the pain.. he once again charges in and gets the lay in to go, warriors pulling away, 56-42.

Time winding down and after a missed shot form the mustangs, Isaiah Smith puts this ball away in dunking fashion… Waubonsie takes the Eola road victory 66-51.

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