Naperville Central boys bowling sweeps season series against Naperville North

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Naperville Central boys bowling and Naperville North meet up for round two of the crosstown rivalry.  The Redhawks are looking to pick up their sixth consecutive win against the Huskies and enter at an 8-1 mark on the season.  Naperville North wants to spark a match in this District 203 rivalry and split the season with the Redhawks. This highlight is sponsored by BMO.

Naperville Central continues to impress this season

We start with Tommy Kradenpoth picking up where he left off the last time as he shatters the pins over for a strike on his way to a 601 series.

Alex Leakeas is back in the starting lineup and wastes no time energizing the team with a strike of his own.  He finishes with a 483 series overall.

Aidan Lee also gets things rolling here as this strike blows the pins up as part of a 212 score in game two and a 552 overall series.

Spencer Pierpoint’s solid year on varsity continues as his shot does just enough to keep the 5 and 6 pins down for the strike.  He ends the day with a 523 overall series.

Getting the nod to varsity in game two is Oliver Gardner, who gets the spare to boost his confidence.  Later in the game, Gardner sends the pins flying for a strike.  His first two games on varsity end with 164 and 165 scores.

Nate Taverna would provide most of the fireworks for Central.  This shot in game one is dead center in the pocket for the strike as he ends game one with a 212 score.  Taverna would get things going later, as he knocked this down for one of his 11 strikes in game three for a team-best score of 266. He ends the day with a 650 series.

Naperville North fights to split the season series

The Huskies are now up and hungry to knock down some pins.  Andy Sullivan gets a strike here shot as he ends the game with a 160 score.

Ian Rogers also provides some of the excitement as his shot can carry to the pocket for the strike.  Rogers finishes the day with a 336 series.

Johnny Hedges knocks the pins over like dominos for the strike.  Hedges finishes the game with a 164 score.

Stephen Thompson would join in on the fun as well.  His strike shot does just enough to knock the seven-pin down as Thompson finishes this game with a 159.

Leading the way for the Huskies is Max Alexandrov as his strike shot cleared the pins off the map.  Alexandrov leads the Huskies with a 494 overall series.

Holden Randall is faced with a 1-2-4-10, and he gets tricky, sending the front three flying into the 10-pin for the pickup.  Randall would also be vital on first ball shots, as this one dunks the pins over like a wave and finishes the day with a 431 overall series.

However, it wouldn’t be enough as Central picks up their sixth consecutive win over the Huskies by a score of 2835-2149, moving to 9-1 on the season.

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