Naperville Central Boys Soccer; Team Profile

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Naperville Central Boys Soccer is looking to get back on top of the IHSA mountain and has a young, talented roster to compete with in the DVC. This Team Profile is presented by Molly Maid of Aurora Naperville Area.

In just year two under head coach Troy Adams, the Naperville Central boys soccer program found itself near the pinnacle of performance. From 2011 to 2013, the Redhawks finished second in the state series, adding a third place trophy for good measure. Ten years later, and the 2021 team is still using those squads as the bench mark

Adam: Luckily we have a couple of kids who had siblings on some of those teams. So yesterday they were talking as we prepare for North where have we had success, how have we had success. They were a lot younger then but they still remember those games and those events. So you draw on what you did well and keep working towards that goal.

Even with those state teams a decade in the past, ties still link them to the present roster. Juniors Alex Poole and Tomas McCormick are each the younger siblings of members in the state series lineups.

Of course, there’s no state series this year, but that only means additional emphasis on conference games.

Adams: In a typical year there are about twelve games that have real significance and importance to them, those five conference games right now and then the seven tournament games.

Though five matches the Redhawks are 2-1-2, with the sole loss a 1-nil setback against North in a nail bitter. Pushing Central to a potential resurgence have been a pair of senior leaders who have elevated their play and presence.

Adams: Our goal keeper Caden Redpath has not only played huge but has really taken on an additional leadership role, him and Evan Lueckoff, both really helped solidify in a year that really needed some of that.

While clearly the focus is set squarely on the 2021 season, peek in to the future for just a moment and you’ll catch a glimpse of a promising horizon – the Redhawks are young and on the upswing.

We have eight seniors and then 12 underclassmen and a lot of those 12 underclassmen start. So I would say it’s been a year of excitement. Because I think a lot of times those younger kids get really excited about playing in those games so there’s been that added kind of, that undertone of new.

Despite having to wait until next fall to once again attempt a run at a state trophy, the Redhawks are an exciting team to watch now and in the future.

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