Naperville Central Golf Coach Retiring with Six Seniors

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Coach Jane Thompson watches a Redhawk go for birdie with concentration…

And then celebrates once the ball drops in to the cup… knowing that this year will be her last year hitting the links as the Naperville Central Girls Golf Coach.

Thompson: It hasn’t sunk in yet because right now it’s the beginning of the school year and the beginning of coaching and we just start at 1,000 miles per hour and then suddenly the season ends. So yeah, right now nothing has really sunk in regarding retirement of any kind whether it be golf or even in the classroom.

After being at Naperville Central for 34 years, Thompson just thinks… it’s time to go but the make up of the golf team also comes as a sign to hang up the clubs.

Thompson: So that’s a lot of years in one spot. But really, the make up of the team is kind of a natural break because I’ve got the 6 seniors and that ended up being the deciding factor to step down from coaching anyway.

Four of the six seniors have been with Thompson since their freshman year, Emma Lim being one of them and she says the team has made a concerted effort to go out on a high note with Thompson.

Lim: “It’s really exciting, we all want to do really well as a team as it is most of our last years too so I think we all just want to put it in this year.

Thompson on the other hand, doesn’t want her fair well tour to add any pressure to the girls.

Thompson: Just go out there and have fun. I mean that’s always been my mantra from the beginning. You’ve got to enjoy the game because it’s a game for life and if you’re not enjoying playing then it’s not worth it.

And Thompson is clearly having fun watching her Redhawks birdie… for one last year. Reporting for NSW, I’m me.

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