Naperville Central gymnastics celebrates its seniors with a win over Naperville North

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It’s senior night for Naperville Central gymnastics. The RedHawks are looking to get revenge on Naperville North after the Huskies beat them by just two points earlier in the season. This highlight is sponsored by BMO.

Alana Williams wins the vault event for Naperville Central

We get things started on the vault with Harley Sambrooks who completes a front handspring half giving her a score of 8.3, good enough for second place.

The best vaulter for Naperville North is Erin Arnold who shows off her skills by getting a third-place score of 8.2.

Next up on the vault is Alana Williams who performs a similar move to Sambrooks giving her a score of 8.4, the best vault score on the night.

Gabi Tapia impresses on the uneven bars

We stick with Alana Williams but now she’s on the uneven bars. She nails her transition to the top bar before sticking the landing getting her a second-place score of eight.

Next up on the bars is Gabi Tapia. She spins her way around the bottom bar before making her way up top. Her dismount is a double back tuck, despite the landing not being perfect she still wins the event with a top score of 8.6.

Naperville North shows off their balance on the balance beam  

Moving on to the balance beam with Ava Kobbeman. Midway through she does a double back walkover. She finishes her routine strong getting a score of 8.15.

Up on the beam now is Sam Connelly who shows off her balance with a couple of jumps. She finishes off with a switch leap into a back tuck. Connelly gets a score of 8.25 and a second-place finish behind Erin Arnold.

Erin Arnold finishes off the night strong winning the floor exercise

Finishing the night with the floor exercise. Erin Arnold gets the music going on her pass with a back handspring into a twist. She finishes off with a round-off triple back handspring sticking the landing. She gets the best score on the floor with an 8.8.

Ending the night with Naperville Central’s lone competing senior Gabi Tapia on the floor. Her first pass is a front tuck into a triple back handspring finishing with a back tuck. She continues to impress late on in her routine as she finishes her last home meet in style with a second-place tally of 8.3.

Naperville Central gets their revenge as the RedHawks take down Naperville North by 1.35 points.

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