Naperville Central vs Benet Academy Girls Tennis 9.24.19

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Beautiful sunny day at Benet Academy as Naperville Central travels to St. Scholastica for a non-conference dual and we pick things up with number 1 doubles with Central’s Katie Liu and Alex Dram facing off against Katelyn Lee and Kendall Schroeder.

#1 Doubles

In the first set, Schroeder will start things off with the attack at the net that gets Benet up early.

A longer rally taking place still in the first set. Alex Dram at the net getting in to the action for the Redhawks as she makes some quick moves and then gets the point for the hawks.

Into the second set after Benet took the first, Benet gets the low slicing shot but then Katie Liu has the quick reaction for the Redhawk point.

The Redwings will be too much for the hawks in #1 doubles as they keep their power at the net for the slam, taking it in 2, 6-0 6-0.

#2 Singles

Benet’s Caroline Austgen facing off against Namrata Acharya.

After a little bit of a rally, that keeps both girls near the back line, Acharya doesn’t get enough power behind a hit and Austgen grabs an early point.

Little later in the set, Acharya serves and gets the ace after Austgen can’t get there in time but she would end up taking the first set 6-1.

Into the second set, Acharya and Austgen going back and fourth, evenly match until the redhawk lobs one up and it just taps the line for the point.

Another longer rally as Austgen looking to close out the match in two sets, and the Redwing will get what she is looking for as her opponent hits the ball in to the net. Austgen takes it in two 6-1, 6-0.

#1 Singles

Now over to #1 singles with Benet’s Daniella Nenadovch against Naperville Central Jacquelyne Qi and it’ll be the redwing who starts hot early with the ace.

But Qi will find her grove a little later after getting up to the net to make the quick return that is just out of Nenadovich’s reach for central’s point.

Qi will continue her quick moves to take both sets after attacking the ball down for the point. She takes it 7-6, 6-1.

#2 Doubles

Now over to #2 doubles with Neha Ramachandran and Alicia Chen for Central facing off against Nicole Hemmerlein and Isabelle Telford for Benet. And the wings start off strong with an ace off the serve.

Little later on we get a back and fourth rally that starts at the back line but then moves up to the two players at the net until Central positions their racquet just so for the point.

The first two sets would be split with Benet taking the first set and Central taking a second as this exciting rally in the middle set proves central skill to get to that tie breaking last set.

In the thrd set we start with a longer rally that is really quite impressive until it turns to a quickness competition and and central takes a point early on.

But off a very tricky serve by the redwings, the Naperville Central hawks struggle to return, yielding the third match to their competitors, 6-2, 4-6, 10-7… which also helps Benet take the day 5-2.

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