Naperville Central vs. Minooka Boys Volleyball 3.28.19

Naperville Central Boys Volleyball
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We tune in to pool play in the Wheaton Warrenville South Tiger Classic. First night and Naperville Central has already taken down defending state champs Lincoln-Way East and are now up against another team who defeated the Griffins, Minooka.

Central’s Same Wichhart sets up Carter Stenmark on the outside who pounds one home to open up the set.

But Minooka reads Central’s play like a book and throws up a big block party. The Indians lead early 6-3.

Central hanging on though, controlled pass to Wichhart who sets up Finn Wolfe for the roll shot, Redhawks trailing by 3.

Central still connecting later in the set, Wichhart showing off his back set for John McCormack who puts one down.

Minooka’s defense though is just on another level. AJ Lewis gets up at the net for the big slam on the over pass. Indians still leading 16-13.

On set point, Minooka’s Chase Gil gets the point between the blocks to take the first set 25-19.

Second set, tied at 5s early on, Wichhart really working that back set to Nate Rutter for the kill, Central taking the lead.

The Redhawks serving is looking pretty nice too. John McCormack with the ace, Central with a 5 point lead.

These two teams were pretty evenely matched in this one… a little bit of chaos ensues on the court as both teams have to reset a couple times but the rally ends with AJ Lewis getting the put down, set now tied at 19.

We’ve seen this play already but let’s watch Wichhart set up Rutter again with the back set for Central to grab a point, trailing 23-20.

Central looking to force a third set but Carter Stenmark would hit the ball down the line, landing out of bounds for Minooka to take the two set victory in the first day of the tournament.