Naperville Central vs. Naperville North Girls Water Polo Sectional 5.11.19

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Neuqua Valley hosting the Girls Water Polo Sectional Final and somehow it’s a Naperville Cross Town Classic. These two teams faced off last year and North knocked Central off this exact game last year.

First Quarter

And the Huskies are the first to strike. About four minutes to go in the first, Anna Taratino dishes to Meg Moracious for the first goal.

Second Quarter

North goes on a little run from there. A minute into the second quarter and Anna Tarantino off shoots, it rebounds into the goal for North to go up 4-0.

Just a few seconds later and Central ends North’s goal run. Maddia Jannusch scores the Redhawks from goal from deep. They trail by 3.

3 minutes to go until intermission, Central’s Emma Guccione sends a missile from half a pool away to get centrals second goal, they are still down 5-2.

Third Quarter

To the third quarter and North’s Grace Raquel keeps the huskies in the lead with a diving two handed save.

Fourth Quarter

The huskies then turn around and get a goal with 4 and a half minutes to play in the game. Anna Taratino gets another goal to go, North extending their lead up 9-3.

2 and a half minutes until the end and Taylor Wessel adds on to Norths lead with a quick goal, North up 10-5.

Central’s Jodie Nelson gets a wide open look with 1:47 left in the game and she finds the back of the net but that wouldn’t be enough to complete the comeback and North repeats history, defeating central 10-6.

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