Naperville Central vs Neuqua Valley Football 10.4.19

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Naperville Central and Neuqua Valley facing off for the Wildhawk trophy at Neuqua. The Redhawks come off a crosstown classic win over Naperville North while Neuqua sits 4-1 on the year.

Second Quarter

Scoreless in the second quarter and Neuqu’s Mark Gronowski looks to change that. He hits Sean Larkin for a 13 yard completion that sets up a wildcat fieldgoal. 3-0.

Central trailing in the second, junior QB Sam Jackson drops back and heaves a lengthy pass to Reggie Fleurima who catches it in double coverage for a 30 yard completion.

Now 2nd and goal for Central and Jackson wastes no time as he tosses one to Bo Turner in the endzone for the Redhawks to take a 4 point lead, 7-3 with 3 minutes left until half time.

Neuqua’s turn to move the ball, still in the second. Gronowski still using his arms gets one to Armani Moreno who snags it with one hand and then bulldozes his way inside the red zone for the first down.

Few plays later and Gronowski rolls out and connects with Patrick Hoffman for the 15 yard touchdown putting the cats once more in the lead at half time, 10-7.

Third Quarter

Into the third quarter now and the wildcats continue to break through the Redhawk defense. Moreno again bulldozing his way down the field for a 28 yard drive that would result in a fieldgoal. It’s now 13-7.

Still in the third quarter and Neuqua’s defense coming to play. Christian Allen coming at Sam Jackson on the blitz and sacks Sam Jackson for the loss in yards.

On Central’s next possession, Elijah Jordan coughs up the football and the wildcats recover putting them in scoring range but the cats would miss the field goal.

Central’s offense again on the field, still in the third. Jackson looking to regain the lead, he throws a short pass to Jayden Thompson and he does the rest, avoiding defenders and going 65 yards for the touchdown, 14-13 Hawks.

Third quarter coming to an end and Neuqua with fourth and long. The Central defense tight on their coverage, forcing the incomplete pass and a turnover on downs.

Fourth Quarter

Into the final stanza and Gronowski looking to move the chances early in the final quarter, his pass is complete to Hoffman for a first down.

After a passing interference call, Neuqua again knocking on the door with Gronowski finding Teresky in traffic for the 14 yard completion setting up first and goal.

Next play and Gronowski gets the push he needs to cross the line to put the cats back in the lead once more, 19-14 after missing the two point conversion.

On the ensuing kick off, Neuqua kicks it short, Naperville Central goes for it but fumbles and Neuqua recovers, securing this back and fourth battle, 19-14.

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