Naperville Central vs Neuqua Valley Girls Volleyball 10.1.19

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Naperville Central, sitting 19 and 2 on the year travel to Neuqua Valley. The cats come off a big tournament win at the Plainfield Classic over the weekend.

First Set

Wildcats leading in the first set, and they extend that lead thanks to Faith Johnson who puts fire behind the ball for the kill. 7-5 Neuqua.

Central has a response though. Kayla Closset sends the tip over cutting in to the cats lead, trailing by 2.

Fun rally a little later on. Both teams going back to back as Neuqua still holds the lead. Faith Johnson tries to get the kill but Central throws a block party and gets the point, trailing by just one now.

Game all tied up at 16s now… that is until Riley Ammenhauser gets the back set and then the kill to push the cats once more in control.

Game tied at 24s I could watch these teams go back and fourth all day long… so evenly matched, neither letting the other one go with awesome defense happening until Madeline Bylak finds the empty space to take control, 25-24.

This one goes on for a while… now at 35-34… yeah you heard that right but Closset would get the kill, ending the first set at 36-24. Closset with 12 kills on the night.

Second Set

To the second set and we are tied again. Central looking to gain control once more and Bylak will do that with one of her 8 kills on the night, 5-4 Redhawks.

19-18 Central leading… and we can’t forget about Neuqua’s Faith Johnson. She gets a monster kill to knot this game up once more at 19s.

Neuqua trailing by one again later, that is until Liel Thomas gets the kill at the net to tie the game again… you guessed it at 24s.

Set point for the Redhawks. Neuqua’s Lauryn Housholder goes for the kill but Naperville Central resets and Bylak gets the game ender. Taking the long two set victory 36-34, 27-25.

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