Naperville Central vs Waubonsie/Metea Girls Gymnastics 1.23.20

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With the DVC meet just a week away, the waubonsie metea co-op honors their four seniors before facing off against Naperville Central.


We start with Emily Thompson from the co-op on vault. She starts her team off strongly with her execution, stuck landing for a 8.65 score.

Her teammate Thera Bowen’s turn on vault next. She uses all her power and pikes off the apparatus earning her an 8.9 score.


Naperville Central’s Marissa Swanson on the beam, her first back handspring gives her a balance check but she pulls it together and excutes another one. For her dismount, a round off layout which helps her to a 7.1 score.


Redhawk Joanna Huang turns up the music on floor. Her first pass of a round off back handspring tuck gets her moving in the right direction. A little later on her front punch, forward roll, cartwheel helps her end her routine on a strong note with a 6.4.

We follow up with Swanson as it is her turn on floor. Her front pass of a front walkover front layout with a lot of power. She then reverses it and does almost the same pass backward with a roundoff back handspring layout earning her a 7.9. She would be the best all –around gymnast for Central.

Waubonsie Metea’s Thalia Bowen getting ready to open up her floor routine with a front punch round off layout with amazing height to it. She continues that momentum in to a round off full which pushes her to an 8.3 score on floor.

Uneven Bars

We round out the night with Destiny Carver on the bars. She starts on the low bars and it doesn’t take her long to execute some great moves before flying up to the high bar. For the dismount, a board straight layout and an 8.9 score which helps the co-op walk away with the win on senior night over Naperville Central.

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