Naperville North Badminton Sectional Meet 03.25.21

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Naperville North Badminton is the host for a sectional meet, welcoming five other teams to the Huskie’s gym in the hope to advance to state. This highlight is presented by BMO Harris Bank.

We’ve got no time to waste… It’s the Naperville North Badminton Sectional and we are jam packed with competitive play, so let’s get right to it, starting with doubles.

The Huskie duo of Emily Shih and Roseanna Liang face off against Yorks Wilms and Kappen in the quarterfinals and It’s Liang who strikes first with a powerful cross court shot. 

Little later in the first set, Liang is at it again. Shih takes part in a good rally until Liang steps in and gets the shot just past her opponent. North takes the first set. 

Second set action now and York trying to find their groove, taking part in a great rally. They get the shot placed just so the Liang can’t return. York hanging on. 

But the Huskie duo would take the quarterfinal match as Liang is just all over the court. She gets the cross court point to end the match 21-15, 21-19. 

Works Kappen and Wilms drop to the third place match where they face off against another husky team, this time its C lu and S Yeh. Kappen and Wilms are the ones in control to start off this set. 

Huskies battling back in the first set and this skillful play at the net keeps them hanging on. 

Into the second set now after York took the first, and again it’s the green team who holds the reigns early. 

York would keep the lead for the second set, winning 3rd place, 21-13, 21-20. Both teams move on to state though. 

Let’s follow up with Roseanna Liang and Emily Shih as they now battle against another York team in the Championships, Wilton and Gallegos. 

York proving they belong in this championship bought as Wilton attacks at the net for the green team to grab hold of an early lead. 

Liang though, still with the great shots, gets one just over the net that York can’t return. 

Gallegos and Wilton win the first set after another good rally, 21-19… take about a close matchup.

Second set action now and again, York making quick work at the net with Gallegos smashing one home. 

Huskies aren’t going away easily though. Through a great rally Raseanna splits her opponents to earn the needed point. 

In the end, York takes the championship crown in doubles play as North just can’t return the shot. 21-19, 21-16 the final. York grabbed the first and third place spots while North landed in 2nd and 4th in doubles. 

We drop a partner now and move to single play with north’s Bhaavya Manikonda in a semifinal match against Dyanna Boone from Downers Grove South… the huskies with an early lead. 

Manikonda proving her skills as she gets a drop shot to just fall on the other side of the night, the Huskie in full control of this match. 

Manikonda making quick work of her opponent as she dominated both her quarterfinal and semifinal bought with the same score of 21-4, 21-3. She’s moving on to the championship. 

Who is Manikonda facing? Well let’s final out as another Huskie, Shannon Xu competes in the other semifinal match against White from York. Xu with the powerful shot to gain control early. 

Little later Xu moving up to the net to show she can smash it home up there too… another quick match for the Huskies. 

We are going to see a singles championship match with two huskies as Xu ends her semifinals match with a smash, 21-10, 21-5.

And here we are… two huskies facing off who play each other… often… Xu with all the energy while Manikonda is calm and precise… All eyes on them as Xu grabs the early point. 

Manikonda making Xu work for every point in this match as she moves her teammate to the back row then to the net and then back again… Xu tries to get the no look shot to get over the net, but no such luck as Manikonda gets the point. 

Xu will get the no look shot to land a little later though, as she hits one back that Manikonda can’t return…

First set ends with Manikonda on top as Xu hits the bird just outside the lines. 21-9. 

Second set action now and Xu starts off quick with the point.

Now here is a rally that really shows off both girls talent and skill. Moving all over the court, every corner and spot, taking up space… literally as Xu slides upon the floor to get the shot, it goes over but she just can’t get the return… the entire match had this much energy… CRAZY!!!!!! (Don’t delete that)

It’s the state veteran who eventually takes the championship crown in this match. Manikonda tops her teammate in two, 21-9, 21-16 but both girls move on to state! North also takes home the sectional plaque with 16.5 points, York follows them in second with Downers Grove South in 3rd. 

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