Naperville North Girls Bowling; Team Profile

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The Naperville North girls bowling team is the subject of this week’s NSW Team Profile after a hot start to the program’s fourth season, presented by Molly Maid of Aurora-Naperville Area.

Jessica: “It’s really nice to have a social aspect to it, because I haven’t really been able to see a lot of people in awhile, so that’s really nice.”

Four years after playing the program’s first ever match – at the Fox Bowl against Naperville Central in November of 2017 – the Huskies are back to competing on the lanes – albeit in a strange, shortened season.

Jessica: “It’s definitely different than previous years, for sure and it’s kind of sad because we can’t have spectators. So it was nice last year to have my parents come and watch but it’s still really fun.”

Jessica Lowe has seen the evolution of this Huskies team over the course of the last four years. Along with fellow seniors Shannon Kosirog and Deanna Fields, Lowe has not only improved at the alley, she has acted as an ambassador of the program.

Jessica: “I think we’re doing really well as a team this year, we definitely have more people than in previous years because I got some of my friends to do it, which has been really fun. And I think they’ve been doing really good.”

The recruiting effort has paid dividends for a Naperville North team that has seen marked improvement despite all the adversity thrown it’s way over the last year. Its recent 24-hundred series against Neuqua Valley is a similar to that of a 3-game output for a typical top-15 team at the state meet.

Sara: “They help each other out too, right? So having the years of experience – we have three seniors who have been on the team since the beginning, since our existence. This is only our fourth year – and those three girls have had experience-bowling prior. So that’s exciting and they’re still improving as we go along.”

Head Coach Sara Galdikas has been at the helm of the program since its inception. She has curated growth – taking her team from a modest 18-hundred series in that first meeting with Central in 2017, to where the team is today.

Sara: “Now we’re back and we have a really awesome team, they’re really fun to be with. And they’re getting to know each other pretty well and their scores are improving every week so you cannot ask for anything more.”

While, sadly, there will not be a state series to test the meddle of this Huskie unit, they do have seven more duals in addition to a conference event. Plenty of opportunities to earn some stickers between now and season’s end.

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