Naperville North vs Naperville Central Boys Bowling 11.26.19

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We get another crosstown match up for boys bowling at Fox Bowl. Naperville North and Naperville Central, both coming off big matches look to continue their strong performance against each other.

First Game

First frame of the first game and North’s Owen Perdew gets his game started off on the right foot with the strike.

Teammate Jeremy Price following up Perdews performance with his own strike. Just the beginning of a big night for the huskie as he is the top bowler overall with a 648.

Naperville Central’s Joey Koscal keeping pace with those two huskies quite well as he knocks down the first of many strikes.

Naperville North’s Quinn DeBolt dealing with a split situation in the first game but it doesn’t seem to phase him as he picks up the spare. He would finish with a 580 series.

One of the top bowlers for the redhawks would be Cole Preston. He only has one lonely pin to deal with in this first game and he’s even surprised he got it, helping him to a 210 first game score.

Bowldog Nate Kordzinski beginning his second game on a positive not after a 170 first game score. He grabs the strike in route to a 585 series.

Back with Joey Koscal in his second game. He gives the ball a little spin, knocking all the pins over and then providing a little celebration. Koscal the best bowler for the redhawks with a 611 series.

Naperville North would top the redhawks in this dual meet, thanks in large part to Owen Perdew finishing his 3rd game with a turkey and a 581 series. The huskies walk away with the rival win 2967-2828.

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