Naperville North vs. Naperville Central Boys Water Polo 3.9.19

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We pick up a rival for one of the final games of the Naperville water polo tournament at Naperville North. Naperville Central, who is ranked first on, faces off against the Huskies.

Central already leading with 2 minutes left in the first, Huskies trying to cut into their lead and Chase McClure does just that after getting the quick pass. Huskies down just 1.

Seconds lef tin the first now and central pushing their lead, Brad Sanford waits patiently and then fires it into the corner for central to double their lead 4-2.

Central on the fast break with 5 minutes to play in the first. Bender Russo gets the ball right in front of the net to notch another goal, 5-2 Redhawks.

Central really running away with it now after four more goals in the second and they grab one more thanks to Cam Dougherty, 10-3 now.

Central proving why they are ranked number one, really running away with it. Brad Sanford with the catch and release to net another goal, central swims away with the victory 18-8 over Naperville North.

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