Naperville North vs. Waubonsie Valley Boys Tennis 4.16.19

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We get a DVC match up as the Naperville North Boys Tennis team, off their fourth place finish in a tournament over the weekend, travel to Waubonsie Valley to face the warriors.

#1 Singles

We start with one singles with North’s Sam Liu against Freshman Elliot Dam. It’s a battle near the back line in the first set but Dam will over extend one of his hits, giving the first set to Liu, 7-5.

Second set and we get a little more movement. Liu over powers him with a rocket as he takes the second set easily 6-0.

#2 Singles

On to #2 singles with Waubonsie’s Tejas Satpalkar against North’s Zach Slade. Slade the freshman showing off his craftiness in the first set, using the back hand for the low bouncer and the point.

After Slade takes the first set, both show incredible effort in the second, exchanging hits but Satpalkar outlasts Slade for the point and the second set pushing us to a third.

To the final and decisive set, Slade eventually edges out the warrior in the third with a shot out of bounds, 6-1.

#2 Doubles

We pick up a partner for doubles action with the #2s. North’s Vincent Lee and Ryan Guan against Waubonsie’s Mike Casey and Anirudh Iyengar. Lot of action in the first set with volley’s being exchanged quickly but the point goes to the huskies after an over hit. They take the first set 6-2.

Second set and Lee and Guam prove to be too much for the warrior dou as they win in straight sets, 6-2, 6-2.

#4 Doubles

We finish up with #4 doubles with North’s Parth Trivdei and Justin Ma against Rajas Shringapure and Anshul Chawla. Warriors, again, over hitting past the court to give the huskies the first set 6-3.

Second set and the warriors can’t catch up. They loft one high only to have the huskies slam one down to win in straight sets and win the meet handedly as well, 7-0.