Naperville North vs Waubonsie Valley Girls Bowling 12.5.19

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A dual bowling match at Fox Bowl has Naperville North facing off against Waubonsie Valley.

The Meet

We start with Meaghan Murphy from North in the first game. She is going strong with two strikes, make that three for the turkey, her first game would be the highest with 178.

Waubonsie’s Karla Lares in the first game working with a nice spin to grab the strike helping her to a 136 first game score.

Teammate Ashley Sanchez picking up the spare in the first game with the lone pin knock down. She walks away with a 444 series score.

Huskie Alexis Wright with the purple ball going down the lane. She gets better each game with her third being the highest with a 144, 379 series.

Warrior Hailey Springs nearly missing the strike and almost finding the gutter but the ball spins back and she knows them all down for another X on the board.

Huskie Meaghan Murphy starting her second game off strong with another strike. She would finish as the second best huskie on the night with a 480 series.

Karla Lares finishing of her second game with a strike by curving the ball. Lares would finish with a 468 series, the best for the warriros and second best on the night.

Best bowler on the night though would be Shannon Kosirog from Naperville North as she gets the strike here helping her to a 535 series and helping Naperville North to the win over Waubonsie Valley.

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