Naperville North Welcomes E-Sports Team

April 21, 2019
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A new glow is coming from the heart of the Naperville North building

Andy Mendez: “E-Sports is one of the biggest industries right now. I mean, hands down.”

We’ve seen Andy Mendez before, at the helm of Metea Valley’s eSports team… but now he’s donning blue and orange. While he still helps the Mustangs, his recent project has been to bring eSports to Naperville North.

Andy: “I came to our students activity director and said this is my idea, I know it’s super popular in the area, a lot of schools have it, I am shocked North doesn’t how can I make this work? And she said well it just so happened that there is another teacher that is a first year teacher that wants to make this happen too. Went and approached him, and the Alex Egan and he said he had a student approach him that had a lot of interest in doing it and like Troy said, it really did happen like that”

Troy Grady: “I think e-sports is growing and I don’t think it’s going to stop. I think that, yeah, it’s definitely growing and I think it’s cool to have the e-sports center here.”

Installing an eSports Lab in the Upper Learning Commons, Naperville North has suddenly created a new avenue for students, like Troy Grady, to become more active within the Huskie community

Andy: “Without naming names, a lot of kids have approached me and said hey, I’m a junior in high school, I’ve done nothing, I haven’t done a single club not a single sport and now that I am apart of E-Sports I feel like I am playing for my school.”

And not only that, but the team is open to all.

Andy: “Girls boys alike, everybody can come under this umbrella of e-sports and be on a competitive playing field and they enjoy that, they love being a part of something that they can represent their school with in a positive way.”

And they designed the room with that in mind. Instead of individual partitions, they room is open, allowing for socializing and team camaraderie.

Troy: “Just like the whole set up and being able to be with people and be right next to them and be close together with them, it’ll be really cool to be with them in real life, playing with them.

And of course, like almost every other club and team in high school – there is a next level to reach. College scholarships are now widely available after Robert Morris was the first to offer in eSports. But, for talented players like Grady, there’s also a chance to go pro.

Troy: “Right now I am thinking that I am going to graduate from High School then after that if Over Watch League Team wants me, I’m going to go straight to over watch league and then after that’s over I’m going to try and go to university”

Whatever happens next, and wherever the Huskie winds up – his career will have been rooted in a room lit up in orange and blue.

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