Neuqua Valley boys tennis wins its second DVC title in three years

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Neuqua Valley boys tennis wins one doubles championship to help take home second DVC title in the last three years. This highlight is sponsored by BMO.

It’s tennis time as Metea Valley hosts the 2023 boys DVC championships. The Naperville North Huskies enter as the reigning champions, but Neuqua Valley boys tennis starts the tourney with an eight-point advantage after collecting the most regular season points.

Swaminathan and Arya impress in the two doubles championship

We start off in the two doubles championship with Naperville North and Metea Valley.

Mustang Pranav Swaminathan is in front of the net and he knocks the ball down for a point.

The Huskies get on the board here thanks to an overhand shot by Luke Fernandez. North takes set one 7-5.

Huskies are up in the second set and will add onto that from a strong forehand hit by Akash Bansal. North is holding on to a small lead in the second.

Bansal gets the serve over and eventually forces Metea to set it up nicely for Fernandez. He puts it between the two Mustangs and gives North the second set victory and the number two doubles championship.

Waubonsie’s Hector Diaz takes home first in two singles

Staying on the same court for the two singles championship, Waubonsie’s Hector Diaz gets off to a great start as he wins the first set 6-2 against Neuqua’s Vishwa Salem.

In the second set, Salem makes an athletic play going towards his right and forehands one right past Diaz. The Warrior still holds a comfortable lead.

Diaz is trying to end the match here and he shows off his quickness before slamming one home past Salem. Diaz walks away with the medal in the two singles championship.

Central takes third in the one doubles bracket

Now to the one doubles third place match, where Metea is taking on Naperville Central. It’s a good rally here, but Mustang Jash Kadakia hammers one inside the lines for a point.

Redhawks Vincent Yin and Daniel Rabinovich are looking to add onto their score, which they do here thanks to Yin. Central takes set one 6-4.

Central now on match point in the second. Yin receives the serve well and the Redhawks stay composed to finish it out. Rabinovich gets the winning point and takes the second set 6-2.

One doubles championship is tight and goes three sets

Moving along to the one doubles championship. Dovy Jasinauskas and Nathan Lee of North taking on Sid Javeri and Kai Sun of Neuqua. North gets a point here in the first set.

Both sides showing off some good reflexes on this rally. Kai Sun eventually drops a forehand shot just behind the Huskies and no one is able to get there. Neuqua takes the first set 7-6.

The Huskies receive the serve now and quickly have two guys in front of the net. It allows Sid Javeri to send it past both of them with some strong power.

Dovy Jasinauskas serves for North and Nathan Lee is ready in front of the net. He is able to drop one low and forces a miss for Sun. North takes set two 6-4.

Now to the third set, Javeri and Lee hit it back and forth with one another. Sun steps in though and hits a solid spinning shot. This set is shaping out to be a close one.

Neuqua now has the chance to close out the match. Javeri is the only Wildcat who touches the ball and he hits it forehand for the match victory. Neuqua takes the third set 10-7 and wins the one doubles championship.

Aiden Lam takes home one singles championship

Now to Aiden Lam of Waubonsie taking on Akshay Baid of Metea in the one singles championship.

Lam is trying to close off the first set, and he powers one home. He takes the first set 6-4.

Baid is trying to fight back against Lam in the second set. Baid paints the lines with this hit and gets a little closer to Lam.

However, the Warrior can now smell victory. Baid forehands one that sets up a good chance for Lam. Lam makes the most of the opportunity and sends one to the back corner to take the second set by a score of 6-3. He wins the one singles championship for Waubonsie Valley. His victory helps get the Warriors to a third place finish overall, but it’s Neuqua Valley who takes home its second DVC title in the past three years. Naperville North collects second place.

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