Neuqua Valley girls bowling rolls past Naperville North on opening week

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Neuqua Valley is on the road taking on Naperville North during the opening week of the IHSA Girls Bowling Season.  It’s the first away match of the season for the Wildcats, while the Huskies host their first home match at Fox Bowl. This highlight is sponsored by BMO.

Neuqua Valley girls bowling starts on top

We start with Aniya Emerson as she gets it going early with a big strike.  It was a part of Emerson’s 136 game one as she finishes the overall series with a 324.

On the next lane over, Erin Scott provides a lot of spin on this shot as she knocks down the pins to convert a strike.  Scott finishes the day with a 318 overall series.

Suhana Merchant would also play a factor as her Brooklyn shot is able to slide into the nine-pin, giving her a strike.  She finishes the day with a 299 overall series.

Rising to the varsity ranks is Khushi Patel, who also throws a Brooklyn shot that knocks off the nine and ten pins.  Patel finishes with back-to-back 125 games and an overall 372 series, good for second overall on the team.

Doing most of the damage for Neuqua is Chanel Edwards, as her shot went flush into the pocket for another strike.  Edwards leads the Wildcats with a 538 overall series.

Naperville North looks to answer

North would put up a close fight, as Carly Bajusz is able to just knock off the 10-pin on this shot, giving her the strike.  She finishes the day second in the team series with a 365.

Also joining the Huskie varsity ranks is Sophia Balagat as her Brooklyn shot also results in a strike.  She finishes the match with a 275 overall series.

Vita Kleim also makes her presence felt as this attempt knocks the pins over like soda cans; she would finish the match with a 288 overall series.

Michele Baek would also join in as her shot is just good enough to tip over the seven-pin for the strike.  She finishes with a 311 overall series.

Leading the way for the Huskies is Ellie Child as this Brooklyn shot splatters the pins all over the place for the strike.  Child leads North with a 385 overall series, but it wouldn’t be enough as the Wildcats take down the Huskies, winning by a score of 1883-1680.

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