Neuqua Valley girls tennis finishes the regular season with a win against Waubonsie

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It’s the final DVC matchup of the girl’s tennis regular season. Waubonsie Valley welcomes in District 204 rivals Neuqua Valley as both teams prepare for the conference meet at the end of the week. This highlight is sponsored by BMO. 

Isha Srinivasan wins one singles for Waubonsie 

Starting the action with one singles between Kendall Klimek and Isha Srinivasan as Klimek’s return barely makes it over but there to meet the ball and pick out the back corner is Srinivasan who wins the first set 6-1. 

In the second set the two go back and forth until Klimek just barely recovers to return the ball picking up a big point.

Klimek would continue the momentum as she returns the serve finding the back of the court winning two games in a row.

Match point now for Srinivasan as they go back and forth in this rally. It comes to an end when Srinivasan finds the back left corner giving her the 6-2 set two win. 

Anika Srinivasan follows her sisters footsteps winning two singles 

Moving down the court with two singles. Maya Raman faces off against Anika Srinivasan. Srinivasan won the first set 7-6 as she picks up an early point in set two.  

Later on in the set Raman is trailing 5-0 as she responds with a point of her own returning the serve to the back right corner winning two games in a row. 

However, the deficit was too much as Raman couldn’t return the ball giving Anika Srinivasan the 6-2 set-two win.

A come from behind win for Chiou and Tran in one doubles 

Finishing the night with one doubles between Sophia Chiou and Kylie Tran taking on Chloe Cochran and Sofia Parranto as Parranto’s shot is too strong for Tran to handle.

The Warrior duo is cruising here in the first set as Chloe Cochran finds the open space to put them up 5-1. 

However, the Neuqua duo fights back and thanks to a service ace from Tran they tie the set up at five.

 They continue the momentum as Chiou meets the ball at the net for the easy finish giving the Wildcat duo the come-from-behind set-one win.

The second set was dominated by the Neuqua duo as Chiou and Tran win the second set in 6-0 fashion. That would help Neuqua Valley take down Waubonsie Valley by a score of 5-2. 

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