Neuqua Valley vs Benet Academy Girls Volleyball 9.23.19

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Neuqua Valley and Benet Academy coming off the Wheaton Classic where the Redwings won the tournament for the first time since 2015 and are undefeated this season.

First Set

Neuqua Valley leading in the first set. Wildcats looking to maintain the lead, Faith Johnson hits the roll shot off of Bailey Houlihans set, Cats up 5-1.

Johnson shows she also has power behind her attacks as the cats pull in to the lead later in the first set, 8-7.

Benet now in the lead in the first set. Jaclyn Budreck gets the tricky serve to find floor. Wings up 13-8.

Little later in the first set and Benet still on a roll. As the rally progresses both teams get an attack in but nothing finds space until Rachel Muisenga throws the trick over for the point. 19-15 BA leading.

Set points for the wings as and Kyla Kenny gets the nod to put an end to it. Sending the ball into the stands for the point and the first set win 25-19.

Second Set

Second set, Neuqua leading early again and they continue that with Riley Ammenhauser getting up at the net for the point. 7-3 cats.

Game tied at 9s a few points later, Musienga going running to get the set up and she does for Sophie Gregus to get the kill. Benet now in the lead.

But Neuqua stays in it, with the quick 1 2 3 kill by Taylor O’Malley to cut into Benet’s lead. 14-11.

Benet looking to end this in 2, and that’s exactly what they do. They seal the deal as Gregus gets the smash to keep Benet’s record clean taking the win 25-19, 25-15.

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