Neuqua Valley vs. Naperville Central Badminton 4.16.19

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Naperville Central and Neuqua Valley both looking to perfect their skills as the DVC Meet and Sectionals approach at the end of the month, the Redhawks host the wildcats in a dual meet.

#2 Doubles

We start first with #2 doubles with Central’s Natasha Roy and Ria Jha against Katie Braun and Sakshi Rane.

Neuqua off to a good start in the first set with the bird flying all over the place. Braun lands the nice drop shot for the cats. They take game one 21-18.

Second game now and the Redhawks are still fighting as they are able to hit the deep shot that lands in the corner for the point.

Intense rally in the second game on both sides of the net. Neuqua comes right back though after they spike one home as they grab the victory 21-13.

#1 Doubles

We move now to #1 doubles with Central’s Nancy Liu and Kathy Zheng against Wildcats Nayoon Lee and Bhavi Barnwal. First set and the cats get the early advantage with the moving kill.

Still in game one and after a long back and fourth, the redhawks are able to force the error, taking the first set 21-14.

Game two and it’s more of the same from central. Liu sends one home and central takes it ins traight sets 21-14,21-11.

#1 Singles

Now we go to #1 singles with Neuqua’s Gowri Salem against Central’s Ria Jha. Salem is able to slam one to win game one, 21-8.

Game two and Ria is trying to stay in it, here she finds room in the corner for the point.

Ria still hanging on in the second game. She slams another one for the point.

Everything riding on this game… but Gowri was too good as she gets a deep return to fall and she closes it out to help Neuqua take the victory 8-7.