Neuqua Valley vs. Naperville Central Boys Volleyball 4.23.19

April 24, 2019
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Neuqua Valley, coming off a big win over rival Waubonsie from the night before, travels to Naperville Central to face off in a conference match.

First set

Jeremy Cardenas gets the cats rolling in the right direction with an ace. Neuqua on top 3-1.

But central finds their footing a few points later, Sam Wichart sets up Carter Stenmark for the put down. Central is now in the lead 4-3.

Central really using the home court advantage. The redhawks get up for a block at the net and the wildcats reset, Gabe Scharosch sends one back over but the hawks are ready and John Mccormack gets the kill for the hawks to extend their lead 13-7.

But we can’t count out the Cats setter and big man Kevin Kauling. He gets up for the solo block to tie the game up at 15s.

Back and forth battle still in the first set, Central’s defense getting up at the net to retake the lead with a block, 23-22.

Neuqua takes a page from the hawks book though, and they get up at the net for the block. Central resets and tries again but sends the attempt out for the wildcats to take set 1 26-24.

Second Set

In to set two and we get more action from Kauling as he sends the second hit over in style. Neuqua leads 2-1.

Few points later, Stenmark back at the line. He sends a missle that Neuqua can’t contain. Redhawks back in the lead 5-4.

Not only is he serving it up from the line but he is also getting up at the net. Stenmark gets the feed and puts it down to tie the game at 12s.

Neuqua trying to end this match in two, they get up with Gabe Scharosch leading the charge which gets him pumped up. Neuqua in the lead 23-20.

And that is all she wrote. On match point, Central serves it past the line for Neuqua to take the two set victory 26-24, 25-21.

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