Neuqua Valley vs Naperville North Girls Bowling 1.16.20

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We hit the lanes at Fox Bowl as Naperville North celebrates senior night and get ready for the post season facing off against Neuqua Valley. The wildcats finished 5th in regionals last year and their opponent for tonight, the huskies, finished 9th. Both using this match as practice to improve from last year.

The Meet

We pick things up with huskie senior Kelly Jacobs looking to pick up the spare, and she does just that as the pin kicks over. Her first game is her best with a 133.

Wildcat Emily Johnson beginning her first game in a strong way, she knocks all ten pins down and acts casual about it helping her to a 158 first game score.

Neuqua’s Sarah Bourke putting a slight spin on her approach and it proves successful as all ten pins come crashing down. Another strike for the wildcats.

North’s Isabel Lekan gets the final pin to fall in the tenth frame of the first game. Her best performance in the first game with a 198 score helping her to a 481 series.

We get more smiles from Emily Johnson as she begins her second game with a turkey, helping her to a high 213 second game score.

Another wildcat on a roll in her second game is Alyssa Votava. She gets her second strike to fall, helping her to a 178 game score and 460 series.

Kelly Jacobs keeping North in the hunt in her third game. She grabs a strike here with helps her to a 383 series.

Second best bowler on the night is Sarah Bourke for Neuqua Valley, her third game would be her strongest with a 227 helping to a 541 series.

Top bowler on the night goes to Emily Johnson. She finishes off her third game with the strike, naturally on her way to a 570 series score which helps Neuqua Valley top Naperville North 2406 to 2258.

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