Neuqua Valley vs Naperville North Girls Swimming 10.24.19

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With just under a month away from the state meet, Naperville North hosts the Neuqua Valley Wildcats. Both teams working with off events, trying to keep in shape before the post season begins.


We start first with diving, and North’s Rebecca Jennings. She performs a forward 2 somersault pike, for 44.85 points in the fifth round.

The top diver would be Neuqua’s Jane Riehs. Her back 1 somersault one and one half twist grabs her 49.95 points helping her to a total of 248.75 points.

50 Freestyle

Now to the races and the fastest race of the day, the 50 free. Neuqua’s Rachel Stege coming down the stretch in 24.44 seconds. Behind her, two huskies Amanda NG and Claire Brown finish in 2nd and 3rd.

100 Backstroke

We start in the water for the 100 yard backstroke. Halfway through the race, two huskie caps leading the way, Amanda Ng and Claire Jansen and they will keep that order, tapping just tenths of seconds apart, Ng in first, 59.55 seconds and Jansen in 59.79 seconds.

100 Butterfly

Next off the blocks is the 100 fly. This meet is quite the toss up with Huskies and cats splitting the top spots. This race goes to the wildcats, with Maxine Parkinson who has quite a lead, finishing in 57.09 seconds. North’s Melissa Patterson finishes in second.

100 Breastroke

We round out this dual meet with the 100 breastroke. This race essentially seals the meet for the huskies, even though both teams competed well. North’s Cameryn Schmidt and Madelyn Konrad are the two bobbing caps leading the way and they finish one and two, just tenths of a second apart. North took this race with a big lead but would just narrowly defeating Neuqua Valley, 93-90.

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