Neuqua Valley vs St. Charles East Girls Volleyball 8.28.19

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First game of the season at St. Charles East. A Young wildcat team hits the road in hopes of starting off their season on the first foot.

First Set

Riley Ammnehauser shows she is more than just a state champion in jumping… she also has quite the serve. Grabbing an ace as the wildcats lead early.

Few points later, the saints in the lead by one… make that two after Nina Scoliere sets up Skylar Misch for the kill.

Neuqua looking to take advantage of a free ball, Taylor O’Malley gets the nod but it gets blocked at the net. The saints win the first set 25-23.

Second Set

Second set and Neuqua Valley in the lead once more. They send a lofty ball over for Scoliero to just send it right back with a quick kill, tying the game up at 8s.

Wildcats start connecting a few points later, again up by one. Bailey Houlihan sets up O’Malley for the kill, Neuqua up 15-13.

Few points later, Emily Stallmann makes a nice dig for the saints but Neuqua resets and Faith Johnson gets another chance and she finds the floor. Neuqua up 18-14.

Neuqua looking for the third set. Eva Topolewski sets up Lauryn Housholder for the kill. Wildcats get what they want, moving on to the third set, 25-23.

Third Set

Johnson gets another one of her 12 kills as Neuqua Valley goes up 7-3 early in the third game.

But the saints find their footing a little while later. Nina Scoliere sets up Amarion Isbell who ties the game at 10s.

Wildcats doing all that they can, down 8 with match point on the line. They don’t get a clean look and reset only to have Emily Stallman set up Lauren Pondel for the game winning kill. The saints take it, 25-23 23-25, 25-19.

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