Neuqua Valley vs. Waubonsie Valley Badminton 4.11.19

April 12, 2019
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Neuqua Valley, with just under a month until the state competition, travels to Waubonsie Valley to have a 204 show down.

#2 Singles

First up, #2 singles, with wildcat Helen Zhoa against Waubonsie’s Sanjana Tumma.

Game one action and Helen Zhoa is in control. She lands the drop shot to win the first game 21-10.

Into the second and Sanjana is trying to stay in it, she’s able to force an errant shot, but she still trails.

Zhoe gets back in the zone though. She smashes one home as she builds her lead…

Which eventually gets her to game point and Sanjana just misses on her serve for Helen to grab the second game victory 21-7.

#1 Singles

We move up to #1 singles now with Sonu Manoharan against neuqua’s Gowri Salem and it’s Sonu with the soft return for the early point.

Still in game one, Salem backs Monaharan to the line where she drills the bird right into the net for the wildcat point.

But Sonu wasn’t fazed. She crosses Gowri up and wins the first game 21-18.

Second game action now and Gowri looking to get rolling. She hits a solid forehand reutn and it able to build a lead early.

But on the final few points, Salem hits it long and Sonu hasa chance to win and she does as Gowri misses win. Monaharan takes the highly contested second game 23-21. Despite that Warrior victory, Neuqua woud come out on top of the day though, 14-1.