Neuqua Valley vs. Waubonsie Valley Girls Water Polo 5.6.19

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Sectional play in game between Rebecca Gray and the 9th seeded Neuqua Valley and 8th seeded Waubonsie Valley. These two teams split the season series so this is now deemed a rubber match.

First Quarter

Scoreboard is empty in the first, Neuqua’s Kristen Spire passes to Jillian Johnson and nobody steps up and she gets the near side for the goal. Neuqua up 1-0.

About a minute later, Waubonsie looking to even the playing field. Rebecca Farber shuttles one over to Grace Gergman and she floats the left hanged shot into the back of the net to even the game.

3 minutes left in the first now, Wildcat Alexa Mehra passes to Rebecca Gray and she launches the shot from deep into the top right corner to put NV back in the lead.

Seconds ticking down in the first now, Neuqua looking to extend their lead, Goalie Abby Smerz sends a long pass ahead to Rebecca Gray with the breakaway and gets the shot to put neuqua up 4-1 at the end of the first quarter.

Second Quarter

Under three minutes left in the second now and Rebecca Gray is on a roll. She slowly walks in, keeping the ball at the ready until she sends a missle into the net, 5-1 cats.

20 seconds left until the break, Warriors movignt he ball quickly, Rebecca Farber passes ahread to Hannah Friedenberger who scores. WV still trailing 6-3 at halftime.

Third Quarter

Rebecca Gray and Jillian Johnson playing a little give and go with seconds left in the third. It ends with Gray scoring the no look back hand shot to give neuqua an 8-3 advantage at the end of the 3rd.

Fourth Quarter

2 minutes left in the game, Warriors trying to make the come back. They find sophomore Maria Lerena right in front of the goal and that helps spark a rally, WV trailing by 4,

Still working on that rally, late in the fourth a long pass down the pool finds warrior Maria Lerena. She scores her second of the game but the Wildcats are able to run out the clock and advance to play top seeded Naperville North.

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