No Football This Fall in Naperville

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No football this fall in Naperville is the subject of this week’s featured subject, including where things stand between supports and the state, presented by Edward-Elmhurst Health.

Alright, for our featured topic this week, we’re going to dive into football… I guess it’s actually more of a jump really, our station’s insurance plan doesn’t exactly covers football dives like this one:

I love how he adjusts the table a good four inches and then overshoots it by four feet… dispelling the notion that football is a game of inches

But as you can see, football fans are just that… fanatics. And not just of the NFL… but of the high school and college levels as well.

That’s why the delay of the IHSA’s football season has been met with a sharp rebuke (OTS shows football HOF Shannon Sharpe)…. No, not that Sharpe… this kind of sharp.

In fact, the push back has been so strong in states where football has been postponed, that Michigan has actually reversed course.

On August 14th, the governing body pushed the football season to the spring… and just 20 days later, announced it, in fact, would be conducting a football season, complete with a state championship.

Of course, that is Michigan, this is Illinois we’re talking about.

And the IHSA has actually recently made moves to wrestle control back from the state in order to make their own decisions about how and when to conduct seasons.

And if the high school governing body had thoughts of following their neighboring states in reinstituting football…

Governor J.B. Pritzker has thoughts on that, saying in part

“Fine, if they’ve decided to endanger children and families in those states by allowing certain contact sports to take place, that’s their decision. That’s not something that’s good for the families, the children of Illinois.”

So there’s that… no football this fall in Illinois.

Having said that, there are still ongoing calls, rallies and protests to get players back on the gridiron.

And just in the past few days, the Big Ten has also announced a complete 180 – with their season set to begin in October.

With all of that in mind, the divide between what some football fans want and what the IHSA and state of Illinois can provide… is more than just a few inches apart

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