Oswego vs Waubonsie Valley Badminton 3.12.19

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Opening match of the badminton season has Oswego traveling to Waubonsie Valley. We start with #1 doubles with Sonu Monoharan and Ananya Nadgauda against Kiersten Lee and Jaclin Pick.

Oswego gets things going in the first game with a shot down the middle for the point.

But Waubonsie responds and takes game one after good teamwork in the front and back of the court for the warriors to win game 1 21-16.

Second game and Oswego fighting to stay in it but trailing by a few points. A cross court corner shot grabs the orange a point.

But waubonsie is able to close it out as they hit one just over the net that was too low for Oswego to return. Warriors take the match 21-16 21-7.

Over to #2 doubles now, with Warriors Sanjana Tumma and Natali Craff-Bedoya against Kate Pirc and Brittany Jennes. Natalie grabs a big point for a slam in the back.

But Oswego’s team work in game one was on point as they take a close victory 22-20.

Game two and it’s the same story as Oswego takes a bigger lead, winning in two seconds 22-20 21-13.

We drop a partner and go to #1 singles with Sonu Manoharan against Katie Pirce. Sonu with some success in game one with the back corner shot, taking set 1 21-9.

Same story in game two, Sonu coming out on top but that win wouldn’t be enough as Oswego leaves with the victory 11-4.