Plainfield Central vs Benet Academy Volleyball Regional Final 10.31.19

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There she is. The Regional Plaque that both Plainfield Central and Benet Academy are fighting for. The Redwings look to bring another one home for the fourth year in a row and advance to Sectionals.

First Set

The wildcats start off strong, after they tip the ball over, Benet shuffles to get something going. Kyla Kenney goes for the attack but Hannah Ruane throws up a block for the PC point.

Few points later and the Redwings are forced to go running and send a free ball over the net. Plainfeidl Central takes advantage with the tip but Benet adjusts and Ann Marie Remmes finds space in the back corner to put Benet up 6-4.

Sophie Gregus extends Benet’s lead 13-7 off power from the back line with the service ace.

But Plainfield Central stays in it with Taylor Landfair getting one of her ten kills in the first set, as the wildcats trail 22-18.

Few points later and Benet would take the first set 25-19 off a service error from the wildcats.

Second Set

In to the second set and BA’s Kenney gets up for the attempt but PC digs it out and then off the over pass, Cadance Cagwin wins the battle at the net. Wildcats lead early 5-3

Little later on and Muisenga chooses Gregus for another kill but the Widlcats scramble and get the ball back over. Second attempt by Gregus and she gets the point to fall as the wings trail by 2.

Game tied at 13s and Landfair gets up for another attempt but Hattie Monson gets one of her 16 digs and then Gregus gets another kill, one of 10 for her for the wings to regain the lead.

Now it’s the Wildcats to be trailing by just two after Emerson Weissenhofer gets the tip to find floor late in the second set, down 21-19.

Benet looking to close out this set as Gregus goes for another attempt but it’s block. Redwings are forced to reset and they send a free ball over. Landfair goes for the attempt but hits in to Colleen McGuire’s and Ann Marie Reeme’s block for the Ba point.

Match point for the wings and the Wildcats try to do all that they can to stay alive but Remmes gets up at the net to paint the court as the wings take home their 13th straight regional plaque and move on to face Naperville Central in the Sectional Semifinals.

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